Short Rambling 101

I have been staring at the computer screen for about 5 minutes not sure what I really want to write. I’m in this writer’s purgatory where I’m void of any stories or thoughts to share. I figured out maybe if I just start typing away I would unlock this curse that it has been looming over my head for weeks now, but no, I’m in this purgatory and it seems I’m here to stay for awhile *sigh*

Maybe I should write about my castles in the air, my dreams. If you catch my gazing into nothing be sure that I’m creating some epic scenario in my head, something related to me having a better time than I was at that moment. It’s liberating, to be able to transport myself into some kind of place where everything goes according to MY plans and MY rules. Sadly, nothing like that would exist, shortcuts are hard to find, we need to bite the bullet and keep going on..on..on..on..

I’m rambling.

Fuck it.

Over and Out.

Bla Bla Galore

Bila 🙂


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